Workshops - Terms and conditions


These terms and conditions apply to the purchase of participation in courses and workshops in Esthers Have.

Enrollment is not personal and you may want to sign up and buy more seats in one course. Similarly, someone else can take your place.

Registration applies to the course and date specified, even if the same course is held several times at different times.


The organization of the courses

Unless otherwise stated, courses and workshops are held at

Esthers Have
Ravnsbjergvej 7
DK3400 Hillerød

The actual execution depends on the content and duration of the course. Coffee, tea and cake are served are usually served. For longer duration courses - including all-day courses - a light meal is also typically served. This is included in the course price.

All materials to be used for the course are included in the course price - unless otherwise stated. However, participants usually have to bring their own tools, such as. scissors, knife or other.

Usually there is a participation restriction of 12.



Your registration - and thus reservation of the course - is valid from the time we receive your payment. The receipt you receive from the webshop is your reservation and you should bring the receipt on the course day.


Your cancellation

Your registration is binding, but you can freely unsubscribe until 3 weeks before the course day. In that case, the course fee is fully refunded.

If you do not register before 3 weeks before the course day, you can - if there are available seats - register for another (later) course, in which case 50% discount on the course fee will be granted on the new course.

Since courses are not personal, you can - instead of unsubscribeing - always let someone else take your place.



In the event of illness, very few enrolled, failing supplies of raw materials, weather or otherwise, a course may be canceled. In that case, Esthers Have indemnifies participants by either:

1. to offer the same course at a later date - in agreement with each particitant, or

2. to refund the full participation fee


Additional information

See our General Terms and Conditions.

(This page was edited July 31, 2019)