1. General

These terms and conditions apply to gift cards purchased at When the gift card is used, you accept these terms.

The gift card can be used for purchase in the online It can be used to buy goods or services, for example courses, tickets and workshops. It can not be used to pay for delivery of goods if a payable delivery form is selected.

The gift card can be used in whole or in part. If the entire amount is not used, the remaining part can be used for a new purchase - as long as the card's validity period is not exceeded.

If you buy for more than the gift card, the remaining part of the amount can be supplemented with one of the other payment formes offered.

The gift card can not be used for purchases in the physical shop Esthers Have.


2. Delivery of gift cards

The voucher consists of a coupon code. The code is issued when the payment for the gift card is registered in the webshop. The nominal value of the voucher is identical to the voucher's price - no handling fees are added.

The delivery consists either of the card with the associated coupon code being printed by the buyer (which will then give it to the recipient), or - sent by email directly to the recipient. The donor can also decide whether the gift card is e-mailed directly when purchased or sent on a particular day.


3. Validity

You can purchase a maximum of DKK 1,000 gift certificates. The minimum amount for a gift card is 50 DKK. The amount on the gift card is deducted when used. The balance can not be increased, and when the balance on the card reaches 0 DKK it can no longer be used. All gift cards have a validity of 3 years from the date of purchase.


4. Return

If you wish to return goods to Esthers Have, which is only paid with gift cards, a new gift card will be issued, if the return is justified (see more in our general Terms and Conditions). If you have paid with multiple payment methods, we refund the amount purchased with the gift card on a new gift card. For example, if you have paid with both gift cards and credit cards, we will first refund the amount of a gift card. The remaining amount is refunded to the credit card you used for the original purchase.


5. Limited liability

Esthers Have can not be held responsible for gift cards once issued and then lost, stolen or otherwise unavailable.


6. Other information

See our General  Terms and Conditions.