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Do you also dream of harvesting crispy, delicate and delicious vegetables from your own kitchen garden, but do you think it seems obscure?

Then you are definitely not alone.

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To get the best result in the kitchen garden, there are a number of things you should consider: The location of kitchen garden, size, soil improvement, weed control and of course what vegetables to grow. That in itself may seem too unaffordable. But it is not at all difficult to make the kitchen garden a success even in the first year - just with the right start help.

I have been so fortunate to meet Joan and Karoline from FINE KITCHEN GARDEN. They are passionate kitchen garden owners and love to nerd around outside. They know all the challenges you encounter in the beginning phase. That is why they have opened FINE KITCHEN GARDENS, which sells just the seeds that are formidable in a kitchen garden. Old succulent varieties that taste and are beautiful, flowers you can sow between your vegetables, and varieties that come back year after year.

Many people try their hand at kitchen gardens, and if it does not succeed in the first year, many will unfortunately lose their appetite, and that is really a pity.

I have also been ashamed to try different vegetables myself without getting the best results, which is why I mostly grow flowers in my garden.

Harvesting my very own vegetables is something I have long dreamed of - it is enriching and satisfying to be self-sufficient, even to a lesser extent.

That's why I asked if FINE KITCHEN GARDEN will help me put together a rich, varied and varied selection of vegetables that will almost certainly be a success in the kitchen garden.

We think this is such a great idea that you should also benefit from our cooperation.

I will grow vegetables from the BEGINNING BOX in my upcoming kitchen garden, which I will be starting up during the fall / winter. It is now here in the dark winter evenings that the kitchen garden for the coming year must be planned, and it is immensely cozy to sit with.

The collaboration with FINE KITCHEN GARDEN in all its simplicity is that I share and show you how to start my kitchen garden - from scratch. You get the opportunity

to keep up with the kitchen garden transformation. in the form of a lecture to be held in February 2020, where I share all my kitchen garden plans and give you an exclusive garden walk in ESTHERS GARDEN - where you experience how far I am in my kitchen garden process. The idea is that, as a happy owner of the BEGINNING BOX, you will receive a thorough and inspiring guide on how to make your own kitchen garden.

We are very much looking forward to getting started with our FINE KITCHEN GARDEN and not least to delight and inspire each other.

The best kitchen garden greetings

Esther, Joan & Karoline